Travelling Blocks

ALCO Travelling Blocks

ALCO has positioned itself to supply a wide assortment of both Drilling & Service Rig Travelling Blocks for both the domestic and international marketplace.

Lifting,  or  hoisting,  subsurface  equipment is a  basic  part  of drilling. Without a hoisting system, rotary drilling could not happen. Several key components make up the hoisting system: drawworks, a mast or a derrick, a crown block, a traveling block, and a wire-rope  drilling line—all work in conjunction  to drill a hole.

With or without a top drive, the blocks and drilling line are central to the hoisting system. Rigs use two blocks. One is the crown block and the other is the traveling block. The crown block is at the top of the derrick. The driller moves the traveling block up and down the derrick between the crown block and the rig floor. Both blocks are two giant pulleys that have high-strength wire-rope drilling line running between them.

ALCO strives to meet all customer requirements and give a focus on our customer service and support by offering but not limiting us to supply the following types of API Spec 8C Manufactured Travelling Blocks:

  • Jointed Hook-Blocks
  • Travelling Blocks - Adapter Style
  • Travelling Blocks - Becket Style

For more information or to purchase available products and/or services please contact your ALCO representative at the links provided on the listed product pages