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ALCO Sheaves

ALCO offers, supplies, recertifies and stocks Sheaves for application in Drilling and Service Rig Hoisting. All ALCO supplied sheaves are designed, manufactured and certified to API Spec 8C SR2 (-40) PSL 1. Lower tempature SR2 material is available.

ALCO sheaves are steel wheel or roller with a groove along its edge for holding drill string, or cable. When the drilling string is hung between the crown block and travelling block the pulley system made becomes the main mechanical moving componets to complete the hoisting from the drill floor.

Types of ALCO Supplied Sheaves

ALCO supplies a large variety of Sheaves with speciic diameters, drill string sizes and tonnage rating to meet your individual needs. Contact our expert sales staff for pricing, availability and product specifications for the Sheaves right for your application with the link provided on this page.

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ALCO Sheaves


  • ALCO Sheaves are designed, manufactured and certified to API Spec 8C SR2 (-40) PSL 1
  • Lower tempature rated SR2 material is available  
  • Available for all relevant ALCO manufactured hoisting products such as ALCO Crown Blocks and ALCO Travelling Blocks in both Becket and Adaptor styles
  • Custom designs are also available to suit your drilling-operation needs
  • Manufactured in North America



  • Design
    • All products designed, manufactured and certified for low temperature applications
  • ALCO Sheaves
    • Forged one-piece sheaves with flame-hardened wireline grooves
    • Extra-heavy groove area to allow multiple re-cuts