DC Lift Adapter

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ALCO DC Lift Adapter

ALCO offers, supplies and stocks ALCO DC Lift Adapter usually applied with drill collar elevators to lift drill collars. It is divided as a collar type and 18º type to accommodate different requirements.  

Types of ALCO Supplied DC Lift Adapters  

ALCO supplies a large variety of DC Lift Adapters to meet your individual needs. Contact our expert sales staff for pricing, availability and product specifications for the Lift Adapter right for your application with the link provided on this page

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ALCO DC Lift Adapter

DC Lift Adapter Collar Type


150T for 3-1/2"EU & 3-1/2"IU





150 Tons

150T for 4-1/2"EU & 5"IEU

DC Lift   Adapter 18º Type

150T for 4" IU

150T for 4"EU   & 4-1/2"IU, IEU

150T for 4-1/2"EU & 5"IEU

150T for 5-1/2"IEU

150T for 3-1/2"EU, 4-1/2"EU & 5"IEU

150T for 6-5/8"IEU