ALCO Elevators

ALCO Elevators, as developed for the drilling industry, are a hinged devices that are used to wrap around the tool joint of drill pipe, casing or lift nipples (for collars) to facilitate the lowering and/or lifting of single pieces of tubular or of the drilling string as a whole.  

In practical use elevators are a highly stressed component and require regular inspection and re-certification. Their failure with no backup elevator almost always stops drilling operations. So, it is good practice to have spare sets and regular ALCO product re-certifications to avoid operational down time.   

ALCO Elevators come in different latching styles, load ratings and internal diameters. So, please look at some of the New Elevator categories ALCO provides for a breakdown and information on individual product specifications & description. ALCO supply but is not limited to the following types of Drilling, Casing and Service Rig Elevators:

  • Flapper Elevator    
  • G Series Elevator       
  • Type SJ Elevator       
  • Type SLX Elevator                
  • Type SP Auxiliary Elevator
  • Type TA Elevator
  • VES-CL Elevator              
  • Y Series Slip Type Elevator

For more information or to purchase available products and/or services please contact your ALCO representative at the links provided on the listed product pages