SG Stabbing Guide

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SG Stabbing Guide

ALCO supplied SG Stabbing Guides allow for quicker, eisier stabbing and adds protection from stabbing damage to threaded pipe connections. (Reference the chart under the specifications tab for model number and sizing options)


Types of ALCO Supplied SG Stabbing Guide

ALCO supplies a large variety of SG Stabbing guide options to meet your individual needs. Contact our expert sales staff for pricing, availability and product specifications for the Stabbing Guide right for your application at the link provided on this page

Stabbing guides allow for quicker, easier stabbing and adds protection from stabbing damage to threaded connections.

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SG Stabbing Guide


 Applicable Tubular O.D. (in)

SG 2-3/8T

2-3/8 tubing

SG 2-7/8T

2-7/8 tubing

SG 3-1/2T

3-1/2 tubing


4 tubing

SG 4-1/2T

4-1/2 tubing

SG 4-1/2C

4-1/2 casing


5 casing

SG 5-1/2C

5-1/2 casing


6 casing

SG 6-5/8C

6-5/8 casing


7 casing

SG 7-5/8C

7-5/8 casing

SG 8-5/8C


SG 9-5/8C

9-5/8 casing

SG 10-3/4C

10-3/4 casing

SG 11-3/4C

11-3/4 casing

SG 13-3/8C

13-3/8 casing

SG 13-5/8C

13-5/8 casing

SG 14C

14 casing

SG 16C

16 casing

SG 18-5/8C

18-5/8 casing

SG 20C

20 casing