Manual Slips

ALCO Handling Tools – Manual Slips

ALCO Manual Slips are conventional tools used to grip and hold the upper part of a drill string to the drill floor on an oil rig. ALCO Manual slips are constructed as a collection of metal wedges, hinged together to form a circular shape around the drill pipe. On the inside surface, the slips have replaceable steel teeth (inserts/dies) that grips the pipe. The outsides of the slips are tapered and meet a similar taper on the drill floor or rotary table. After the slips are placed around the drill pipe, it is lowered so that the teeth on the inside grip the pipe and the slips are pulled down. The wedges then hold the drill pipe by the compressive force.

All ALCO Manual Slip can be changed for a variety of pipe ranges by changing the segment quantity to meet your drill pipes O.D. Specifications on specific ALCO Manual Slips can be found by clicking the Manual Slip type below. 

In practical use Manual Slips are a highly stressed component and require regular inspection and re-certification. Their failure with no backup can cause drillers to drop their drill string (adjoined pipe segments) stops drilling operations and causing costly time and money to try to pull the drill string back out of the hole. So, it is good practice to have slips regularly sent to ALCO for product re-certifications to avoid operational down time and costly expenses.  

ALCO Manual Slips come in different styles, varieties and sizes. So, please look at some of the New ALCO Manual Slip categories below for a breakdown and information on individual product specifications & descriptions. ALCO supplies but is not limited to the following types of manual slips:

•Baash-Ross Style DU Series Rotary Slip  

•Casing Slip

•DCS Series Slip

•Type SD Rotary Slip                    

•UC Casing Slip     

•Woolley Type A Style Drill Collar Slip

•Woolley Type B Style Slip

For more information or to purchase available products and/or services please contact your ALCO representative at the links provided on the listed product pages